Nature of The Beast

by Ashkenazi

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released February 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Ashkenazi Braddock, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Trapped Inside
i’m forever
trapped inside

trapped and locked away
there’s no way out
attempt to escape the fear
hide from my mind shine on the cold and dark
add fire to the sparks
but it won’t help with the pain

And I’ve tried so many times
To save me from myself
I’m bound with shame
Scared of who I am

Now there’s a change
starting small
from deep within
growing strong
grabbing hold locking in
chain reaction change begins
can’t ignore the signs

I’ve tried so many times
To save me from myself
I’m bound with shame
scared of who I am
and what I will become

It’s changing you
It’s changing me
It’s searching for release
now it’s time to let your changes free

Free to bend the tide
to break the lines
that line your head
I’ll ask you one more time
take me as I am
if you can’t see the change in me
then you’re
as good as dead
Track Name: Mentality
i’m not racist like you just because I’m white
I don’t subscribe to your small town fight
get off by block get out of my town
better not step cause you’re
you’re going down

were you bred with a pin head brain on your neck?
Were you raised to have no respect?
here’s a quick lesson in self control
it’s my half inch breaker bar against your skull

It’s all fun and games
until someone gets ignorant
we won’t stand in your world of hate
well I’ll got a better plan

How would you
Like to swing from a poplar tree
How would you
like to shower in poison gas
How would you
like to join us in the modern world
your hate is so cliche
come face the facts
Track Name: Blackened Mind
shots ring out
shells on the street
siren sounds horror un-conceived
can’t get away drop to your knees
another victim in restraints

feed them to the ghettos mouth
the ghetto thirsts for pain and blood
survive within the walls of tears
there’s no escaping here

life has been stripped away
each day the only challenge is to survive
pass through the gates read the signs work will set you free
until you’ve forgotten the meaning of life
broken down by the end of times

feel the begging eyes
fall on your back while searching for scraps
walking dead prays to a God that has left them behind
the naive and kind cannot survive

in the hearts of men a swarm of fear
posted on the ghetto walls
with the end of life so near
begging mercy forced to crawl

hearts of men hatred grows
a passion lost blood runs cold
he points the gun blackened mind
5 million 99
to go
Track Name: Revenge
Chains have been broken
and I’ve pushed you away
you can’t hurt me anymore
I’ve buried the pain

Will I settle for revenge?
for 9 years of mental abuse
you won’t last long
my hate is strong

no matter how hard you try
there are some things you can’t forget
and I won’t let you get away
your time has come to an end

No matter how hard you try
I can’t forget
Can’t let you get away
your time has come to an end

you beg on your knees
but I can’t release
it’s the nature of the beast

you beg and you plead
but I can’t coincide
It’s your sorrow on which I feast

you pray to survive
but there’s no where to hide
your life is near the end

too late for last words
it’s to late to confide
can’t forgive an evil life

How does it feel?
at the end, the end of your rope
The rope that strangled me for all those years
Now you cling to the end but you will never
never survive